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Whiteboard animation is the act of drawing a story or an illustration on a whiteboard-style surface and then recording an animated story with pen, marker or whiteboard markers. This form of technology has a long history that is still in use today. Whiteboards have existed for many years. In the 19th century, a British doctor developed what is now known as a ‘pencil to paper’ method of creating text. This method was quickly adopted by several schools of thought in London, including the University of Manchester.

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Whiteboards have been used for various purposes in offices, churches, schools and more recently, in many home studios and video games and computer games development teams. As an art form, whiteboard animation offers the opportunity to share concepts and information with others that may not be able to physically attend a conference or meeting. Whiteboard animations allow multiple people to read an idea in the form of an animated story. The animated story can be seen on one monitor screen and then viewed on another screen where all of the participants can view the story simultaneously.

Whiteboards have become incredibly popular for many different reasons. They offer a simple and fast way to deliver presentations, information and other information. They provide students and teachers with a visual method of presenting information and a visual way of learning. They have also gained in popularity as an important part of the business world because whiteboards help create a collaborative work environment that is much more efficient than simply using a computer keyboard to deliver a presentation.

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