//Kyocera Copier – The New Infrared Copier

Kyocera Copier – The New Infrared Copier

Kyocera Copier – The New Infrared Copier

In my experience, the 3554ci ftg taskalfa greatest toner for the Kyocera T-LP60 Copier machine is the Kyocera taskalfa 3554ci. I bought this machine because I wanted a toner that was going to give me good color on my paper without having to add in any acid or thickener that might have a tendency to cause my papers to wear out faster or be less prone to fingerprints. The first time I saw the taskalfa I assumed that it would look like the original copier toner but, as it turned out, the color was a bit lighter and it wasn’t nearly as sharp as the original.

However, there were several other intelligent features that I did like and one of them was that the taskalfa 3554ci had an Intellicore Scanning Technology that was actually better than the ones on my other copiers. This scanning technology uses the laser printer to scan the paper to identify each individual line. It then automatically breaks the lines up into their proper locations and allows each character to have its own separate spot on the sheet so that it will be very easy for the machine to detect any defects before it actually does the scanning. This technology allows my machine to do its work in a much shorter period of time than my older copiers because it is able to scan more pages in a shorter time.

All of these tasks that the taskalfa 3554ci did make me appreciate just how well Kyocera has always done their job with their products. They are one of the oldest brands in copier parts and you can see this because they keep on improving their designs and the user interfaces of their machines. The new infrared scanning technology is an excellent addition, as is the Intellicore Scanning Technology. Together, these features are why the taskalfa has become so popular with office owners everywhere.

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