//Honest Fishing Gear Reviews – A Guide to Fly Fishing Reel Types

Honest Fishing Gear Reviews – A Guide to Fly Fishing Reel Types

Honest Fishing Gear Reviews – There are four basic types of bass fishing reels available on the market today. These reels are above average in quality and reasonable in price and would be good choices for almost freshwater fishing applications. Some fishermen prefer one type over another, however, so below we will go over the four types of reels.

Honest Fishing Gear Reviews – How to Set Up a Fly Fishing Reel

The most basic reel is a simple line that hangs out from the handle and makes up a loop or looping action. Many fishermen love the simplicity of this type of reel and it’s the one that most people choose to buy. The advantage of this type is that you can easily change the tension of the line and this is very handy for those who fish in large bodies of water and need more tension than a basic reel can provide. Some anglers even like the fact that a basic reed will spin on its own, making it a very effective feature.

Spinning reels have been around for several years now and have become extremely popular among many anglers. The benefit of this type of reel is the fact that the reels spin when you are casting and the line is drawn through the spool by friction, much like the way the line is drawn through a fishing rod. If you don’t mind a few extra strokes when casting and want the ultimate in reliability, then this reel is the right choice for you.

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