English As First Language IGCSE Tutors

English as First Language IGCSE tutors

English as First Language is one of the most popular subjects at IGCSE and you can find a great IGCSE tutor if you need some extra help. The English as First Language syllabus includes four components: reading, writing, speaking and response to literature. In addition to this, you will be taught how to express your thoughts and feelings in your writing. The syllabus is designed to develop your writing skills and encourage you to read widely and critically. Check this out

Concentrate On An Individual Student

You can find IGCSE tutors for the English as First Language subject at your school or online. The exams consist of two papers: paper 3 and paper 4. The duration of paper three is forty-five minutes and it weighs 25 per cent of the final grade. The duration of paper four is one hour and fifteen minutes. The maximum mark for paper four is twenty-five marks. The coursework component is made up of two assignments on different texts.

The Cambridge First Language English IGCSE Paper 2 is a challenging subject, and a good tutor can help your child achieve their goals. IGCSE English tutors will provide extra support as needed, and often work with students individually or in small groups. These tutors will typically assess the students’ progress and set achievable goals. In addition, they will communicate with you and your guardians about your progress in the exams.

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