//A Review of Third Party Logistics Sydney

A Review of Third Party Logistics Sydney

Third Party Logistics Sydney

“Commerce For All”, the Third Party Logistics Sydney is an award winning company offering a complete range of logistics and carrier solutions to their clients. “TIFS was first providing 3PL services from our existing warehousing and distribution centre prior to expansion into additional facilities. “TCFS now delivers on all fronts, including warehousing, multi-cell packaging, multi-cell routing, point to Point manufacturing and full truckload and multi-car ferrying operations across Australia, New Zealand and the pacific northwest US.” says Bruce Price, Managing Director of TCFS.

The company’s key strength is the use of state-of-the-art equipment for its Logistic and Logistics services. The company has been granted Industry Growth Advisors (IGA) accreditation by the Australian Logistics Association (ALA). The company continues to strive to maintain its A+ status with the ALA. It also has one of the largest fleet numbers of carriers in the industry. In addition, “TCFS’ logistic carrier divisions continuously review their customer’s requirements and work closely with them to meet delivery dates and operational objectives,” says Price.

In this competitive market place, it is very important for a company to maintain a competitive advantage by using the services of third party logistic services. For more than thirty years, TCFS has had an excellent working relationship with a number of freight carriers, as well as freight forwarders, importers, exporters, shipping line providers, agents and shipping brokers. The company has enjoyed mutually beneficial relationships with these entities. “TCFS looks to expand the scope of services it offers and grow our business in all areas and overseas markets,” says Price. “TCFS is a valued long-term partner and has a vision of creating super carriers and super Logistic hubs, both in Australia and overseas.”

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